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Many denture wearers turn to dental implants when they find themselves growing tired of the annoying and sometimes embarrassing situations that their dentures cause. Have you experienced any of the following situations? Accidentally “clicking” or “clacking” when carrying on a conversation, not being able to properly bite into a steak or not being able to taste the scrumptious smelling food that was just placed before you. These are all reasons that drive our patients into the dental chair searching for solutions.

Dr. Day recommends to her patients in Lafayette, dental implants to stabilize and secure their dentures. Receiving a dental implant is a simple solution that can change a person’s life; sometimes in less than four months. Once the dental implant (titanium root replacement) is placed and integrated with the jaw bone (which takes about three months), then the denture can be secured, completing the dental implant process. Often, a simple modification to your existing denture is all that is needed to secure it to the new dental implant. If your denture is worn and no longer a good fit, then a new, less cumbersome denture is created for you. Dr. Day will prepare the new denture with a special attachment that snaps onto the implant. This will secure the denture into place. Dental implants allow patients to no longer have to worry about their dentures moving against their will.

Dr. Day has seen a great improvement in her patient’s day-to-day living when they turn to dental implants as a means of securing their dentures. In many cases, two implants are all that is needed. “If we had to pick one procedure that changes people’s lives, it would be getting two implants to stabilize the lower denture,” says Dr. Day.

Other Reasons Our Patients Get Dental Implants Are:

• To replace one or more missing teeth without affecting adjacent teeth (as is necessary with a dental bridge)
• To place an upper denture without plastic in the roof of the mouth
• To maintain a healthy jaw bone if a tooth is missing
• To resolve joint pain or bite problems caused by teeth shifting into missing tooth space.
• To restore a patient’s smile.
• To restore chewing and speech.
• To restore or enhance facial tissues.

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