Cosmetic Dentistry

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Our smiles play a huge role in our self-esteem. With society putting so much pressure on the public to have an esthetic smile, Dr. Day responds by offering her patients in Lafayette, cosmetic dentistry.

Finding a cosmetic dentist in Lafayette IN is easy, but finding one that listens to you, understands your needs and partners with you to give you high quality restorations is harder to find. Dr. Day, wants to help you attain the smile you are dreaming of. Below are a few commonly sought after Lafayette cosmetic dentistry procedures:

            -Teeth Whitening – Patients looking for a way to brighten their teeth have many options. At Rachel Anne Day DDS, we offer Opalescence in-office and take home teeth whitening kits. Opalescence has been a trusted brand in dentistry since 1989. The professional grade take home whitening system comes in 3 flavors (mint, melon and original) and offers multiple levels of strength. This allows Dr. Day to tailor her patients’ teeth whitening treatment for all levels of gum sensitivity while leaving teeth whiter, brighter and beautiful.

            -Veneers – Dr. Day's laminate veneers are used to cover the front of the tooth to improve the tooth’s appearance by changing the shape, size or color of the tooth. Many patients choose this option if they have unwanted gaps between their teeth or if they have a chipped, broken, or irregularly shaped tooth.

            -Composite Restorations - Dr. Day uses tooth colored fillings when treating cavities. Many of her patients do not want metal visible in their mouth. This is why we offer composite (tooth colored) fillings where possible.

Whatever your cosmetic dental concern may be, Dr. Day is happy to help you achieve the desired results. With individualized care, Dr. Day treats you with gentleness and understanding.

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Lafayette IN or to discuss the cost of veneers or teeth whitening, contact us or schedule an appointment by calling 765-449-2757 today.