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Experienced Dental Treatment Services in Lafayette, IN

Are you seeking a Lafayette dentist who is experienced and believes in comfortable dentistry? You've come to the right place!

Dr. Rachel Anne Day is a general and cosmetic dentist in Lafayette with over 25 years of dental experience. Dr. Day's background combined with her commitment to staying abreast of advances in the dental field make her a great partner in helping you achieve optimal oral health.

New Patient Experience:

Dr. Day has designed her practice with the patient in mind. With warm furnishings and assortments of Keurig beverage options, she has created a relaxing atmosphere that you can enjoy before your dental appointment. At the start of your first appointment, Dr. Day will invite you into the consultation area, giving you a chance to get to know her. This time together also allows Dr. Day a chance to get to know you and your overall oral health goals. After the pre-clinical conversation, one of our highly trained dental assistants will complete a set of low radiation digital x-rays. Next, Dr. Day will complete an initial oral exam and review the x-rays and observations with you. Together you and the dentist will determine a course of action with a treatment plan that best fits your needs and desires, whether it is a simple teeth cleaning, composite fillings, root canal therapy, crowns or dental implants.

Feel free to navigate Dr. Day's website to learn more about her practice philosophy, services offered, and to improve your dental IQ. Dr. Day looks forward to serving you and taking care of your dental needs and is currently accepting new patients! Her dental practice is conveniently located within walking distance of Tippecanoe Mall and is just a short distance from Purdue University.

Part of Dr. Day's commitment to serving you includes providing patient education that helps you to make an informed decision about your oral health needs. This website is a resource we hope you’ll find both useful and informative.

Dr. Day also encourages you to visit her patient education videos which provide valuable information on dental procedures and treatment options.

Special Note:

Dr. Richard Ellsworth retired in October 2016 after 43 years of practicing dentistry. Dr. Ellsworth and Dr. Day enjoyed a 10 year partnership. Dr. Ellsworth was honored when Dr. Day acquired his interest in the practice as she exemplifies providing optimal oral health care. We wish Dr. Ellsworth the best as he enjoys his retirement with his wife Shirley and their family. 

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Rachel Anne Day DDS 
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